Tuesday 4 July 2017

2017 Flags of the World Dress Project:)/McCalls 6886 Pattern Hack Challenge

"May he have dominion from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth!"

-Psalm 72:8

   Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!! Some lovely sewing Vloggers decided to host a "Flags of the world dress project" this year! You could pick your own countries flag, or choose whichever flag you wanted! I've made a Canada Day dress before, so I thought it would be fun to do an American flag theme this year! I am so excited about this project!! I actually joined Instagram so I could participate, lol:) Lots of modelling pics, then some progress photos at the bottom!:)

These ladies all co-hosted this challenge! 
(Renata) Running N Style https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfU4...
Akram's Ideas https://goo.gl/NeiGkO
Judith Dee's World https://goo.gl/sEKTiJ
(Bianca) Vintage On Tap https://goo.gl/22JrCC

   The fabrics are all french terry from Fabricville. Stars are also french terry.

    I figured the easiest way for me to go about this was sewing strips of red & white together first, then cutting the top and bottoms separately.

I used a rotary cutter (fresh blade makes such a difference!). Making marks along the sides and taping the pattern pieces to both fabric and pattern was a big help.

  I used a 1" wide strip cut 15% less the neckline circumference (half red, half navy blue), butted the ends together and used steam a seam on the back (thin white knit underneath) to reduce bulk). Sewn like a typical facing. I topstitched with a double-needle. I used thread to match the different shades of the neckline. I kept the same navy bobbin thread.

  For the stars, I used Heat n Bond "Stretch". Quite a new product, there wasn't much online that I could find! I cut a loose-leaf size sheet of heat n bond to a piece of paper to put through the printer (maybe it wasn't necessary but I didn't want to take any chances:).  Not sure if this was the best way to add stars (similar star fabric was none to be found in store). I hope they hold up for a while:D

My husband Dan, was a big help in laying out the stars! <3 He always takes my blog photos too:)

    I tried to be as accurate as possible in cutting & matched the sides as best I could. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!:) I used the same pattern pieces, flipped, for the navy blue fabric.

Well, thats it for today!!:) I hope all my American friends have a wonderful Independence Day!

God Bless America! :) <3


  1. I'll speak for a lot of Americans who feel that Canadians are a friendly crew and say that you did our flag a beautiful justice here! The stripe matching looks great, and the stars turned out so crisp against the blue. I'll have to try the Heat and Bond stretch--I have a roll of the classic Heat and Bond. It's great for appliques in general, but on knits, the backing can leave a stiff, kind of papery feel. I wonder how the stretch version compares.

    1. Aw, thank you so much Elizabeth! That means a lot:) Seems ok and stretches with the fabric. I'm a little concerned that the sharp corners will start to look a little ratty in time:/ Star printed fabric would have been ideal, but its hard to come by here in Canada, lol. The only example I could find of someone using this product, the person also topstitched (even though the label says so sewing required). I think its definitely worth purchasing some to try!:) I was able to cut a 3/4 metre piece for about $5. I imagine it would be even cheaper in the U.S. I hope you have a fantastic day! xo

  2. Your dress turned out so beautiful and looks great on you. You really did justice to the American flag. Happy 4th!

  3. Great work! This dress looks fabulous.

  4. Thanks so much Josephine:)