Tuesday 1 May 2018

Pink Lemonade "Mona" Jacket:)

"You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your Word."

Psalms 119:114

      Hello my friends!:) My latest make is this vibrant pink Motorcycle-style "Mona" jacket from the French pattern company "Wear Lemonade". You can download the pattern for free here. FYI, there are no instructions but there is a video tutorial on this blog page and on Youtube. If you don't know French I'd suggest using Google translate, I had a difficult time finding the PDF download link without doing so. I watched the sewalong video several times and took notes (which I highly recommend doing, it really helps understand the process). The pattern is also available for purchase (not certain if its a printed pattern or PDF, but it would surely come with instructions). Once I had the pattern pieces cut out and lengthened (the jacket is a bit cropped and several reviews that I read noted that they lengthened the jacket a bit (I added about 3" of length).

      The fabric I used is a gorgeous hot pink stretch denim from Fabricville. I had a Moto jacket on my 2018makenine, but originally intended to use a more involved Butterick pattern. The lovely Lisa from the Youtube channel "And Sew On" (@lisakisch on IG) had recently made up this Mona jacket pattern as part of a capsule wardrobe. She said this jacket was pretty quick and easy (and its unlined) so that sold me, lol. If you follow my Blog you know I'm going to have another baby very soon, so I'm trying to get as much sewing done as I can while I have the time. Quick and easy is a big plus:)

      I did a few things different, first adding a light interfacing to the two main facing pieces (the pattern only calls to interface the collar) and strips of interfacing to stabilize the zipper area (see photo in the collage above). I used knit interfacing for the zipper area but I wish I had used it for the facing pieces as well (instead of non-stretch interfacing).  I also added topstitching (which I probably should have done last) I have an unlined RTW Moto Jacket that I used as a reference. I shortened the zipper by pulling off the extra zipper teeth and reusing the old top-stop (I tried without it as the video shows, but I prefer the security of the top-stop). I bought a package of top-stops at some point but I couldn't find them, so trimmed the zipper tape right above the old top-stop and used the pliers to carefully squeeze between the prong and open it up and then put it back on (there are many Youtube videos that show how to shorten zippers, here is a good one:)

  I changed the construction order by batching tasks when I could (sewing straight seams, pressing, adding interfacing, finishing seams etc.). I'm fascinated by sewing industry techniques and practices, and that is one of them. I'm not a very fast sewist, so anything that helps me be more efficient, I'm all for it:)

      I made up a size 40 based on what I thought would be good post-baby, but after trying it on (unzipped of course:) and seeing it on my dress form, I wish I had cut the 38 at least. I may shape the side seams a bit to nip it in more at the waist. I had initially set the sleeves in as directed, but I found the sleeve cap was a bit too puffy (I had also adjusted the shoulder slope so that didn't help, lol) so ripped out the stitches of the sleeve head and arm, removed some ease and sewed the sleeves in flat. Next time I'll cut a smaller size  and sew the sleeves in flat again. I may not have to remove any ease, but if I do its easy enough to adjust later. I'm not crazy about how long and high the bust darts are, I may lower them next time.


   I found this dress on Pinterest, isn't it fab?? I can see me making a Mona jacket dress hack in the future. *Swoon*:)

   Well, thats all for today folks! I'm currently batch-sewing two Ogden Cami's and another lengthened to be a dress (the third is for the #handmadesummerdress challenge on IG). I'm almost done, so I'll hopefully do a blog post on it next week:)

Have a wonderful day everyone, thanks so much for reading:) xo


  1. It turned out so pretty Rikki! Wow, you're not kidding about the length of the darts! I'm so impressed with your productivity in pregnancy! That's awesome that you're feeling well enough to keep trucking with your creativity!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!:) I feel rather slow when I see how much you crank out but I'm trying, lol. There's a few more things I'm hoping to get sewn before baby comes.

  2. You are going to have so many great pieces to wear! Fabulous job on the jacket! I love the color!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! The pink makes me happy, lol:)