Tuesday 26 November 2013

McCall's 6243, #2:)

      I couldn't resist sewing up my latest favourite pattern from McCall's once more before I put it away (temporarily of course;) This will probably be my last project for *me* until after Christmas, I have a few projects in mind for other people (not to mention lots of shopping to do), so "me time" will have to wait:)

       Last dress I made in this pattern here. This time I really wanted to incorporate the colour blocking that is designed into this pattern. I think it looks pretty cool in this bright pink (and I'm a big fan of pink;)! The pink is a ponte knit, the dark blue is a cotton knit, and upon closer inspection, looks like a dark wash denim.

      Ok, I have to bunny trail for a minute. This denim-esque cotton knit, I purchased at the NB Fabricville. There was 3 metres cut of the stuff being sold for a mere $3! I had to ask one of the employees if I read the pricing correctly. What a great deal! I love getting a deal, *especially* when it involves fabric;) Would you believe the 3m of denim knit was cheaper than the .4 meters of the pink ponte knit??

 Alrighty, now back to the dress. Here are a few more photos... :)


    This dress was not difficult, the most
Front dress piece.
time-consuming part was cutting out the pieces,particularly the front piece (shown to the right).


     Shown to the right are, with the kitties:), photos of the front and back pieces on the folds of my fabric. I always lay out my fabric on the living room carpet and cut loosely around the pieces and then take those pieces to the kitchen floor where I used my rotary mat and scissors.

       I find it a lot easier that way, then I don't have to handle the whole length of fabric at once.

Marking stitching lines to reinforce corners:)

   Like I mentioned above, this dress wasn't difficult, but it did take me a little while to figure out the insert part, as I've never done sharp corner's before. The directions are pretty good.
Note, I should've marked the lines that intersect go further.
I had to go back and stitch longer.

 I didn't do the corner as well as I wanted, but didn't want to unpick all that stitching, so I figured out a way that I think helped:)

Using a small piece of my friend "Steam a Seam lite 2" under the ripple.

I parted the ripple a bit with my fingers and pressed it a bit, again, with
my finger before pressing it with my iron, then using my hockey puck "clapper".

It looks even better in "real life";)I think it worked pretty well! I then
proceeded to top-stitch on the denim knit, which will help it to stay
nice and flat (and sharp):).

    One thing I did differently on this dress was shorten it a bit and narrow the bottom slightly. I measured an inch from each side seam and then used a french curve to make a chalk mark for the stitching line.

I think it makes it a bit more "pencil-skirt-like" and more flattering. :)

And here it is again:) Until next time!:) Everyone have a wonderful Christmas!! :)


  1. Your dress looks so cute! I'm envious of your figure -- I usually have to take out the shaping lines and sew it straight:) Enjoy this next month of Christmas activities!

    1. Thanks Angela!:) I hope you have a great Christmas too!:)

  2. This looks wonderful. I like the colourblock effect and am impressed with your corners -- have I mentioned how clever the hockey puck pattern weights are? So Canadian :)

    1. Haha, thanks! I can't take credit for coming up with the idea myself (someone else's tip), but they're so handy! And inexpensive too, I got a bunch at a thrift store!:)

  3. Very cute dress Rikki. Love all the changes you made to the pattern. It fits you beautifully. Well done.

  4. Thanks Jean! I really like it too:)

  5. So pleased to read your review....I just received this pattern and love the style and colour blocking - your tips re: shaping are great - and look great!