Monday 11 November 2013

McCall's 6792, 80's-style dress:)

      Let me introduce my latest dress, from McCalls pattern 6792:) This is a pretty new pattern. It was just introduced for the Fall season, however, I'm surprised there are no online reviews for it yet. None. Not even when I Googled it, could I find anything besides the pattern image and line drawings. 
      I know that at least one other person who has tackled it, and that's one of the talented ladies from my local Fabricville. I couldn't help but notice it displayed on one of the store mannequins. She sewed it as a colour-block version in two complimentary ponte knits. I definitely want to try the colour block version, and I already have fabrics on hand.
McCalls 6792, Fall 2013

       I knew I wanted to try this pattern as soon as I saw it! I think it's so cool!:) I love the colour-blocking effect, but it was the style that really attracted me. I've been wanting a simple dolman-sleeve dress for some time now. I purchased Vogue 1337 which also has a similar kind of sleeve. I think all the pleating on the shoulders and hips deterred me after reading some reviews (too much work, not that I think it would be unflattering). I do plan to sew it at some point because I quite like the 80's vibe, being a child of the 80's, ('81 to be precise;)

    I think this pattern, McCalls 6792 also has an 80's vibe and much simpler to sew up. The fabric I purchased is from Fabricville. It's a printed rayon/polyester/spandex blend. It's so soft and cozy to wear! I just love it:) 


    This dress pattern is pretty easy to sew, so no long explanations are in order. As usual I'm including photos of the kitties, doing their typical lazing on my pattern pieces.


One of my cats got carried away and tore the
front pattern piece (bad kitty!).  I used strips of interfacing to "tape" it back together.
After surgery:)

      I must say, if you want your dress to have *any* curves (besides the underarm seam) be prepared to make some adjustments. Shown here to the right is the centre back seam. It's straight. Pin straight. I wanted the option to wear it without a belt around my waist (without looking like a sack), so I took another dress I have that has shaping and used it as a guide to create some curves.

     Here is the back pattern piece with marker dots on the back seam and a line on the side seam showing the new seam lines. I just put the pattern piece over my dress and traced the adjustments for future use:)

Using my hockey puck "clappers" after pressing my neckband:)

       I did enlarge the neckline a bit and lower it some, it felt like it was chocking me :p Also, I made a neckband instead of making a facing, as my knit was not very heavy. I think I widened it a bit too much but I'm pretty happy with the end result. I will make it less wide next time:)

        The pattern instructions tell you that you have 1 1/4" for the sleeve hem, but I thought that would be too much. I wanted my sleeves full-length, so I only hemmed it 1/2", using steam a seam lite 2 (for stability) and topstitching. Next time I'll add length to the sleeves so I can hem them properly:)

     I did shorten the dress a bit to be a more flattering height.

    And here it is again:) I love my new dress! I think I'll make another one before I put this pattern aside;)


  1. gorgeous dress. My cats do the same thing! I finally made them a bed. I should really start sewing today instead of reading these fantastic blogs!

    1. Thanks so much:) Yes, cats are entertaining;)

  2. Love your new dress. I love the dolmen sleeves too. Looks like a very handy pattern to have, you should make up a few more in different fabrics and definitely try out the colour blocking. Looking forward to seeing the next one.

    1. Thanks Jean! I sure am planning at least one more of this dress with the colour blocking before moving onto something else:)